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Using Python to extract data from Jira

Welcome to our series on writing a Python script to extract data from the Jira APIs!

Link to Python Episode 1

Episode 1: The environment

In this episode, we describe what we are doing (our requirements) and how our environment looks (i.e., network, Jira Server, and development computer).

Link to Python Episode 2

Episode 2: Configuration and Logging into Jira

In this episode, we:

  1. Import the libraries that we'll need
  2. Create variables to configure the script for our envionment
  3. Log into Jira and receive back a response

Link to Python Episode 3

Episode 3: Use the JSESSIONID to request data from Jira APIs

This episode is the climax! We use our JSESSIONID to call a few Jira APIs and review what they send back to us. We'll try:

  1. Getting information about a user (api/2/user),
  2. Listing projects assigned to a user (api/2/issue/picker), and
  3. Retrieving issues, comments, and worklogs using the IonaFX Business Intelligence Export plugin's API.

Link to Python Episode 4

Episode 4: Convert the response to CSV and save to file

With our results in hand, we translate them into a format that can be read by almost any spreadsheet, BI tool, reporting system, or even humans!

Then, we simply drop our CSV-formatted data into a file, so it can be made available to other user or tools